Why did we create LinkedInLocal Edinburgh?

LinkedInLocal has grown into a fresh and exciting global phenomenon, with locally organised not-for-profit events under the LinkedInLocal name, springing up all over the globe.

We want to bring together diverse groups of people who might not otherwise meet, through exciting and stimulating events, to build dialogue, knowledge, community, trust, and start off new conversations and associations.

A short history of LinkedInLocal

The movement started in April 2017, when Anna McAfee wrote a post using the hashtag #linkedinlocal, asking her LinkedIn connections in her little city on the Australian East coast, Coffs Harbour, to meet up for coffee. To my surprise, a lot of people reacted to the post, not only the 18 people who showed up, but also people in other cities around the world.

One of them was Erik Eklund. Within an hour of posting he wrote to Anna saying he would host a similar meetup in Brussels, Belgium. After him, Alexandra Galviz in London, United Kingdom, and Manu Goswami in New York City.

The word spread quickly. One of Manu’s post about the concept became one of the most viewed posts on LinkedIn with 1.4 million views. Alexandra, voted one of UK’s top Influencing voices 2017, engaged the world in her monthly meetups, and together with Erik’s video from Barcelona (watch) LinkedIn Local went global. People were calling, emailing and messaging us from Sydney to Rio de Janeiro, asking to join the movement.

In Edinburgh in late 2017, David Petherick decided that this movement should spread to his native city of Edinburgh, and contacted Anna to find out how to get started.

The first event took place on February 21st 2018 with around 40 people coming along to have a chat and hear two speakers giving short talks.

David Petherick - Doctor LinkedIn about LinkedIn Local Edinburgh from LinkedInLocal #Edinburgh on Vimeo.

Talking at the inaugural LinkedIn Local Edinburgh Event on 21st February 2018 at 24 Royal Terrace Hotel about LinkedIn Local and the reasons for launching it in Edinburgh.

As at December 2018, there are LinkedInLocal hosts in at least 500 cities and towns in 80 countries across the world. More are coming on board daily.

What is LinkedInLocal Edinburgh here for?

We aim to bring together diverse groups of people who might not otherwise meet, through exciting and stimulating events, to build dialogue, knowledge, community, trust, and to start off new conversations and associations.